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Cassandra's testimonial speaks for itself.  She was overwhelmed, burnt out and stressed out, but now she works 10-15 hours per week and has all the business she wants giving her more time to do what she really wants to do, in particular spend more time with her family.
Wilmer J. came to us working a full-time job, posting on social media every single day, with little to no results in business. With his new baby on the way, he wanted to walk away from his full-time job and build a business that allowed him to spend more time with his family. After working with us and implementing the SMPL method into his business, after a few weeks he closed a deal with another two pending. 
Jesse G. took action on FB and IG without any previous marketing experience, implementing our organic social strategy and closed roughly $217k in business in just 3 months - WOW!
Michelle E.  sold 30 houses and made "well over 6-figures" her FIRST year - with no previous real estate experience. Amazing!
Mia R. went from working 15 hours per day to 8 AND increased her production. Prior to working with us, she'd never grossed more than $100k in commissions in residential real estate. After just 90 days she's closed $4M with an additional $3M pending grossing $120k in only 90 days! 
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